Online Video Tools

Advection.NET offers a full suite of video tools to plug your web site into our world class media delivery network, to boost your streaming video performance, and to make money with paid-media capabilities, all without needing more servers or software development.

We offer tools across the digital media value chain, to help you with online video creation, publishing, distribution, consumption, and process management.

The Video Cloud

Upload Videos, Manage Files, Metadata, and Links

Watch this video tutorial to see how the CloudSat control panel gives you easy and powerful tools to upload and manage batches of video, metadata, and video links.

Keep in mind you’re not managing files on “a server”. Your videos are getting uploaded to the Advection.NET Video Delivery Network, stored redundantly in different geographic locations, then streamed to your end users from a dozen datacenters around the world.

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Create Windows Media Live Events

This video will show you how creating and managing live Windows Media streams is easy using CloudSat. Create both “push” and “pull” streaming publishing points, and track the viewership of your events.

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Create Flash RTMP Live Events

Watch this video of how to create and manage live Flash streams using CloudSat. Create both “push” and “pull” RTMP streaming publishing points, then see how many viewers are watching your events and how much data they’re using.

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Embed Players with Playlists

See how Advection.NET’s CloudSat control panel helps you create a customized video player and playlist for any of your videos on the network. Instead of just one video, you can choose a set of videos to show in sequence, or let your users jump between them like news clips or chapters in a DVD.

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Collect User Feedback from Embedded Players

Watch how CloudSat tracks user feedback through your custom embedded video players, allowing your users to flag a video if they think it’s inappropriate or contains copyrighted material, so you can take action.

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Video Hosting Reporting and Statistics

CloudSat makes it easy to see how much video you are storing and delivering, spot trends, keep track of status updates for the network and the media plan services, and of course, drill down into your full media delivery reporting.

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See DRM License and Packaging Reports

Advection.NET automatically packages and encrypts your DRM files, and makes it easy to manage the licensing rules.

When you use one of our turnkey media stores, your uploads can be auto-imported into the store to be ready to sell as soon as you’re done uploading.

Watch this video to see how with CloudSat, you can view reports on licenses issued as well as reports about your DRM protected video inventory.

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Manage Sub-accounts for Your Departments or Clients

This videos shows how easily CloudSat lets you give sub-accounts to various departments or clients, each with their own permissions to their own folders of video, and their own access to reporting for the videos in their area.

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Manage Users in Your CloudSat Account

This video shows how CloudSat helps you manage a team of individual content producers sharing permissions to folders of video, by giving each user their own user account.

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Private-label Video Hosting Service Manager

See how you can customize CloudSat’s settings, including colors and logo, to match your business and feel familiar to your employees or content producers.

For volume resellers, we can completely customize CloudSat into your own video hosting “service manager”, allowing you to set up your own bandwidth and storage pricing plans, your own feature sets, and either rebrand CloudSat into your private-label “look and feel” or help you integrate the service manager tools into your own control panel.

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Silverlight Player

Our player supports the latest adaptive streaming for Silverlight, to deliver the best stream possible across each user’s bandwidth, in both Mac OS X and Windows browsers. This player is free for our customers, or we can design a custom one to suit your site that you can keep and use anywhere.

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Flash Player

Our custom Flash player offers a sleek neutral look to blend with your site. It supports Flash and H.264 video, and both seekable HTTP and native RTMP streaming. We offer this player for all our customers, or we can design a custom player for your look or needs.

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HTML5 Video Player (Native)

HTML5 Video works with the latest browsers and devices. Our VDN delivers H.264, WebM, and Ogg Theora video to these devices, ensuring the best native video playback experience. You can use the native device player controls, or we can design a custom player for your look or needs.

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