CloudSat - Uploading Videos, Managing Links


Advection.NET’s CloudSat makes it easy to upload your video files. Of course you can also upload files by FTP or SFTP, or even sync them with your own storage using rsync.

You can upload videos one at a time into whichever folder you choose. And when you have a batch of video, you can upload multiple files at once.

During uploads, a progress bar keeps track of how long it will take, and because our cloud storage is so fast, you can upload as fast as your bandwidth supports.

As soon as a video is posted, you can already see a preview without having to fuss with links or wait.

After uploading, CloudSat also lets you manage your video’s metadata, or delete files.

To help you work with the video you’ve uploaded, CloudSat lets you see what the links to the videos should be if you’re going to use the videos for streaming or for progressive downloads, or going to embed them in a custom player.

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