Pricing for Development and Support

Advection.NET was designed for cost-effective performance, making the service ideal for very large sites, resellers, and aggregators. Our flexible tiered pricing (discuss with sales for the latest figures) was designed for those volumes, but we now publish attractive package rates for smaller customers as well.

Invoices for development work will reflect your development request ticket number and the actual hours spent on each project or task at your request.

Because of the rapidly fluctuating value of the US dollar compared to global currencies, our hourly development rates may vary based on the exchange rate. If you are engaging us for a one-off project, the rate will be in US dollars as of the time of the contract. If you are using a monthly retainer, the rate will be in US dollars based on the exchange rate at the time of each billing cycle.

We can set up hourly or retainer pricing with you from the appropriate levels shown here. The hourly pricing in Euros is fixed, while the hourly price in US dollars shown here will vary from month to month based on the global currency markets:

Note: Exchange rate used is 1 EUR = 1.599 USD as of 4/23/2008.
Euros/Hr Technical Support for Customer Projects
€ 100.00 One-offs (no retainer), $160 per hour
€ 85.00 Retainer, 10 hours, $140 per hour
€ 65.00 Retainer, 20 hours, $105 per hour
Euros/Hr Development Projects
€ 53.00 One-offs (no retainer), $85 per hour
€ 45.00 Projects measured in days, $75 per hour
€ 38.00 Projects measured in weeks, $65 per hour
€ 32.00 Projects measured in months, $55 per hour
Euros/Hr Development Retainer for Managed Hosting Customers
€ 38.00 Minimum of 80 hrs per month, $65 per hour, or $6,000 per month
€ 32.00 Minimum of 1 developer per month, $55 per hour, or $8,800 per month
€ 26.00 Minimum of 4 developers per month, $45 per hour, or $28,800 per month
Euros/Hr Video Delivery Network Volume Reseller Dev Retainer
€ 20.00 Minimum of 10 developers per month, $35 per hour, or $56,000 per month

Existing customers should talk to their sales contact for development work. For new customers, if you have a clear project specification (including your needs, your budget, and your timeframe), and you would like to receive a detailed estimate of what can be accomplished within those constraints, please talk to sales about the specific development project or media integration work you may have in mind.

Notes: (1) To qualify for retainer pricing, a customer must have contracted managed hosting services at an equivalent monthly level. (2) Development pricing is based on USD/EUR rates, but will not fluctuate mid-project.


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