CloudSat - Embedding a Player with a Playlist


Using Advection.NET’s CloudSat control panel, you can create a Flash Player and Playlist for any of your videos on the network. Instead of just one video, you can choose a set of videos to show in sequence, or let your users jump between them like news clips or chapters in a DVD.

Once you’ve selected your player and files, CloudSat generates the “HTML embed code” you can just drop into your web site wherever you want your videos to show up.

In this video, first, we choose the Player menu and the Playlists option. First, we preview an already made playlist. The playlist is a combination of a set of videos and your customized player.

When we click “Preview”, the playlist is shown in the full featured custom Flash Player. You’ll note the custom player offers features such as transparent controls and star ratings.

Next, we click to show the embed code for this playlist, and copy it to the clipboard. From there, you’d paste that clipboard into your own webpage or blog to show the playlist to your site visitors.

Watch the next video to see how your viewers can give feedback from the player about your videos.

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