CloudSat - Creating Live Events with Flash


Adding or creating a new live event in Flash takes only a few minutes using CloudSat.

Start by filling in all the fields in the section Add New Event with the details.

You aren’t creating an event just on a single server, you’re creating it on all of the Advection.NET’s video delivery network servers distributing live media streams around the world!

For your security, all requests to the live events distribution require your account and password.

Need to edit an upcoming event? No problem. Just change the information that needs to be modified in the section Edit This Event.

You can easily check on the status of your live video event. Your live events are listed by date, and you can view how many users hit the URL to the event, or how much traffic was used.

You can “pull” from a Flash encoder, “pull” from a Flash streaming server, or “push” from a Quicktime or RTSP streaming server or webcam.

After you’ve uploaded videos or created events, watch the next video to see how to embed a video player in your own site, for single videos or for complete playlists.

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