HTML5 Media Player

HTML5 Media Player (Beta)

Note: This player requires a web browser with HTML5 support.

Advection.NET supports an open Internet, with open standards. While proprietary players such as Flash and Silverlight are more common today, we believe the web shouldn't be locked into to any particular company's technology. For video to be as "open" as HTML and other Internet standards, "you must be able to implement and deliver that technology without requiring anyone's permission or license... on a royalty-free basis."

For more about why open video is important, see why open video? or .

Open Player

By using an HTML5 video player, your web designers can build a player into your site as easily as they build any other part of the site, using the same web tools. They don't need expensive and proprietary development environments.

They can also leverage their skills in Javascript to design the user experience to be as seamless with the rest of the web site as they would like, without having to learn a new language just to make media player controls.

You are welcome to start with the HTML5 Player we're offering here, or "roll your own".

If you're interested in delivering open video, contact our sales team.

Open Video

Along with a more open player, you may be interested in using freely available tools to encode your video and audio. This saves you from having to purchase encoding software that may be expensive or that may create video that is not compatible across platforms.

HTML5 videos can be played natively in supporting browsers, letting you deliver your content faster and at lower cost. Our HTML5 Player supports the best video for each browser.

We've encoded this video using Ogg Theora (supported browsers: Firefox 3.5+, Chrome 5.0+, Opera 10.5+), H.264 (Safari 3.0+, Chrome 5.0+, iPhone 3.0+, Android 2.0+, Internet Explorer 9+), and WebM/VP8 (Chrome 6+, Chromium 6+, Opera 10.6+, Firefox 4.0+).


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