Working With Us

Advection.NET was designed for cost-effective performance, making the service ideal for very large sites, resellers, and aggregators. Our flexible tiered pricing (discuss with sales for the latest figures) was designed for those volumes, but we now publish attractive pricing plans for smaller customers as well.

Volume Pricing for Online Video & Storage

For customers with a spend above USD 10,000 per month, such as wholesalers, aggregators, portals, CDNs, etc., we recommend our flexible “per terabyte transferred” tiered pricing, with both bandwidth and storage billed at wholesale rates.

When preparing this type of pricing for you, we can work with either gigabytes transferred pricing or megabit sustained measured at 95th percentile pricing. See our FAQ for details, and call us at our sales number for the latest figures.

Private Labeling

If you are a hosting provider wanting to supplement your web hosting or CDN with online video delivery, a development agency servicing media clients, or even an individual interested in reselling streaming services, Advection.NET has a compelling wholesale plan tuned for you.

By using our Locus video distribution appliances to manage our own video delivery network (“VDN”), we are able to store, distribute, and deliver online video at significantly lower costs than traditional CDNs. Our cost savings allow us to offer highly competitive rates to our customers, and provide very attractive commissions to resellers.


If you wish to sell for us or resell us, we can provide you with the following to help: training, online sales tools, assistance with branded demos, assistance with marketing collateral, a dedicated point of contact, and most importantly, personal assistance with exceptional sales. On a case by case basis, depending on the merits of the sale, this assistance and support may include sales team support, technical support from the Advection.NET technical engineers or Auragan LLC developers, or in exceptional circumstances, price support.

As a reseller of Advection.NET, you can either recommend customers to us, or with enough volume, you can “white label” our network under your own brand and remain your customers’ point of contact. Either way, you will discover your customers are delighted with exceptional value for a high quality of service, and yourself delighted with pain-free profits.

Satisfied resellers are crucial to our business. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us by email, or call our toll free number.


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