VDN Overview and Product Brochures

We have a tremendous amount of information in this web site, but it's not as convenient to print out and show around the office as a PDF can be. We've summarized some of these pages and combined them into a set of marketing brochures about our main services, and published them here as PDFs for your convenience.

Below the marketing materials, you'll also find recent copies of our video delivery network usage and integration documentation. Of course, you'll always want to get the latest materials from your CloudSat dashboard.

“One Sheet” Brochures

Print these marketing brochures as double sided and in color, to have a single sheet guide to each of our major areas of service and expertise.

Marketing Materials

The "HD" VDN

Video Delivery Network

Our video delivery and tools are proven over the past decade by the largest CDNs and content owners – over ten billion streams to date.


Video APIs

Social Media and AMP APIs

Our fully managed platform gives you tremendous scalability, built on the best practices of sites like Flickr, LiveJournal, and Amazon.com.



Sell Video Online

Paid Media and DRM

DRM requires a comprehensive software platform to first encrypt digital files, limit access to only those people who have acquired a valid license, and report on the usage.


Video CMS

CloudSat Control Panel

Browser-based media management for easy publishing, live events management, digital rights management, v-commerce, and detailed usage reports, across multiple CDNs.


Printable Documentation

We offer three levels of documentation files. The one most customers are interested in is the User Guide, which walks through uploading media, linking to it, and using our control panel called CloudSat. For more advanced features, look at the two Developer Guides.

Network Documentation

Products & Services

Guide to Advection Services

This guide offers a listing of Advection.NET's various video related services, from video delivery to software development and support, with brief explanations of each.


User Guide

Managing Your Media

This manual discusses topics that are basic and essential for managing your media on the Advection.NET network, and outlines the main Advection.NET services that are available to you depending on your media plan.



Developer Guide

Managing Your Media

This guide covers Flash Video Downloads and Streaming, Upload Web Service API, Deep Link Protection, Pay-Per-Minute Technolog, Digital Rights Management, and Windows Web Caching.


Developer APIs

Integrating Advection APIs

This document describes how to integrate your systems with the Advection Video Delivery Network, covering our Live Events APIs, Account APIs, Storage APIs, and DRM Statistics APIs.


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