End-User Service that Never Sleeps

Our customer service reps are working 24 hours a day, even on weekends and holidays, to help you and your customers. In addition to providing billing and web site support by email and telephone, our customer service representatives are specially trained to identify risky transactions to protect your merchant account from chargebacks.

With our customer service for billing, you benefit 24/7/365 from:

  • Live Phone Support: no phone tree, voicemail or busy signals
  • Live E-mail Support: engineers answer emails within 45 mins
  • Online Customer Support Tools: customers can troubleshoot in real-time

Web Site, Streaming, and DRM Support, 24/7

Amazingly, every user who signs up and pays at your site will also receive full support not just on the billing, but also on your web site itself, all for the cost of the one billing transaction. We mentioned this before, but it bears repeating because it’s so unusual to have this kind of service at this price.

Actual humans answer the phone 24/7/365, and answer email within minutes of receipt. Every customer service representative is an expert at resolving billing concerns, but also with diagnosing and solving the problems users may have using your site or digital media purchased through your site. By solving the customer’s issue now, you won’t see a sales return later.

It’s this kind of hands-on human support that will keep your customers coming back month after month, reducing churn, reducing chargebacks, and increasing your profit per signup.


Our recurring billing and membership management together cost less per transaction than most processors charge to take a single payment.

With prices starting around $1.25 per transaction, and rapidly dropping well under a dollar, it’s hard to find a better value even if all we sold at that price was the billing.

Get in touch with us and we’ll walk through some pricing scenarios with you.


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