Premiere Silverlight CDN

A site’s success is driven by its fans, so we recommend customers have us build their media sites based on the platforms giving end users the best experience. In recent months, Silverlight has become the platform hitting that sweet spot, blending end user usability with powerful software-as-service APIs for web applications. Upcoming changes in Silverlight will make this shift even more obvious.

As developers, we’re using Silverlight for its great front end UI that works across browsers and operating systems, its bridge beyond scripting into application programming, and its top quality media capabilities. As a video delivery network, we love that it leverages over a decade of our expertise with Microsoft’s Windows Media streaming services.

Jump-start with Silverlight Promos

You’ll need a great embedded media player, so see our Silverlight “Smooth HD” Player here, which we’ll give you to use in your own web site when hosting Silverlight video with us.

After signing up for any of our Silverlight CDN plans, get 10% off your media plan just by contacting billing and letting us know you’ll be using the account for Silverlight.

If looking for Silverlight development, you’ll also receive a 10% discount off our already wholesale media application development rates.

Why Silverlight?

Despite the alphabet soup of rich web frameworks for delivering interactive applications, none of them to date have offered all the tools programmers need to build powerful and user friendly sites without compromises or headaches. Silverlight doesn’t come from a text data heritage like AJAX, or a desktop animation heritage, like Flash. Instead, it’s designed from the ground up for web and media applications, and accessible through any .NET programming language, including the newer dynamic languages like Ruby.

Silverlight offers:

  • Seamless, fast installation for users, thanks to a small, on-demand, easy-to-install plug-in that is under 2 megabytes (MB) in size and works with all leading browsers.
  • Consistent experiences between Windows-based and Macintosh computers without any additional installation requirements.
  • Richer, more compelling Web experiences that take greater advantage of the client for increased performance.
  • Stunning vector-based graphics, media, text, animation, and overlays that enable seamless integration of graphics and effects into any existing Web application.

You can even enhance existing standards/AJAX-based applications with richer graphics and media, and improve their performance and capabilities by using Silverlight.

Why Advection.NET for Silverlight?

Because we love helping clients build better stuff for their customers and fans with the latest and greatest tools. We’re not talking about using technology for technology’s sake, but about leveraging tech that’s good enough to get out of the way and put your users a little closer to what they want to get done.

Folks on our team developed the first social media community, invented the first true pay-per-view technology, built the first digital music stores with portable DRM, and deliver the first live 700 kbps broadband streaming events from arenas and venues all over the country. With dozens of engineers constantly upgrading our network in advance of formal releases of media-enabling technologies, and hundreds more developers available to accelerate clients’ business models using these tools, we can help you be the first on the block to give users what they want to see.


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