Who We Look For

Because Advection.NET and Auragan LLC are growing companies, we are actively seeking A-list candidates in several areas, as listed below. In addition to those, we’re also interested in individuals who are exceptional across the board in marketing, research, and customer relationship management.

Software Development

Although most of our labor intensive development work is handled by our overseas development groups (see our FAQ to find out why), we are always interested in hiring talented developers to the team. You need to be experienced in C# or C++, with an emphasis on the Windows .NET Server platforms, and with experience on a common ISP flavor of Unix such as Linux or FreeBSD as well. You need to be able to work well both on your own and as part of a team, and you need to be able to interact fluently and effectively with clients. Finally, Russian as a second language (or as a first, if your English is excellent) is a plus.


We are not currently seeking additional full time sales staff. However, if you are interested in selling for Advection.NET, or reselling our appliances, check out our network reseller and appliance reseller information, then send us an email or give us a call. We have an arrangement available that highly effective sales people find very compelling.

Network Engineering

We are looking for additional top notch networking and system administration engineers for our customer support group.

To qualify for this position, you should be able to replicate any Windows .NET Server configuration (IIS, SQL, WMS, etc.) onto a different hardware platform in under an hour with best practices security hardening and without reference materials, and be able to manually recompile Apache, mySQL, and PHP with all the interdependencies for a distributed application also using FTP and IMAP.

You should also know how to configure Cisco, Nortel, and Extreme Networks switches, and manage ACLs in Cisco routers. You should be able to physically build a server from component parts and explain the performance benefits of your various component choices.

You should understand web servers, FTP servers, mail servers, DNS servers, streaming servers, and the protocols each of these use, and be able to automate routine tasks on any of them using the appropriate scripting tools for each platform.

You should be able to debug an e-commerce application written in ASP.NET, C#, JSP/EJB, Ruby, or ColdFusion, with a back end database on MSSQL, MySQL, or Oracle.

You need to be able to keep a regular schedule (we don’t really care what time zone, as long as it’s regular!).

Customers should find your explanations of issues clear and concise, your writing grammatically correct, and your solutions prompt and completely satisfactory.

And of course, it goes without saying that you need to own an Xbox 360 or TiVo, have watched at least one movie from Xbox Live Marketplace or Amazon Unbox, and enjoy caffeine.

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