Offsite Video Cloud Storage Network

Full length broadband movies demand so many terabytes of secure redundant high-performance storage that Advection.NET is as much an outsourced storage provider as a streaming CDN. We store tens of thousands of full length movies and millions of minutes of video and audio clips, accessible to hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously.

We collaborated with industry leading hard drive, storage controller, and storage software vendors to develop a proprietary network attached storage appliance (NAS) capable of handling these loads at scale yet inexpensively. As an Advection.NET streaming or downloads delivery customer, you get this storage with your account—at pricing remarkably below companies providing offsite storage alone.

Online Storage Features

NAS in Rack

Racks of our redundant Auragan 5n 7200 NAS (network attached storage) appliances in our Dallas data center.

In addition to letting you serve native streaming formats, Advection.NET’s online storage capabilities meet and exceed what you would expect from a storage network:

  • Manage storage with native Windows and Mac OS X folders
  • Integrate with content management systems (CMS) by FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV
  • Store an unlimited number of directories and files
  • Store up to 4 terabytes per directory
  • Create files up to 2 terabytes
  • Manage files at 1,000 mbps (1 gigabit per second)
  • Provide file downloads to users at multiple gigabits simultaneously

Our video storage system also automates the most common media tasks, including DRM for all media types including Flash, and full video encryption management for Windows Media and Silverlight formats:

  • Duplication of content to redundant NAS servers
  • Replication of content to redundant datacenters
  • Thumbnail extraction
  • RSS feeds
  • DRM encryption of uploaded content
  • Deep-linking prevention

Online Storage Pricing

Our basic Personal Plan is just $19.95 per month for 300 hours of audio storage and 3,000 hours of audio playback, or 20 hours of video storage and 200 hours of video playback. Our premium Media+ Plan for content providers is only $9,995 per month for 300,000 hours of audio storage and 3 million hours of audio playback, or 20,000 hours of video storage and 200,000 hours of video playback. Please see our pricing for details.

Of course, any mix of audio and video is fine. We stream and download Windows Media, QuickTime, DiVX, Flash, MPEG4, H.264, and more, with the most advanced streaming features and digital rights management in Windows Media and Silverlight formats.

When your company depends on streaming media assets for revenue, you need to protect those assets. If your company is public, you may even be required to store backups offsite.

Because we’re able to put your storage to work generating revenue through streaming and downloads, you can outsource your redundant media storage to Advection.NET for less than the cost of dedicated offsite storage companies.

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