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Whether Live or On-Demand, our social media action platform will facilitate the content marketing process for producers and distributors.

We're rooting for the content producers, creators, and distributors, and all those for whom live streaming can revolutionize how they share their real-time experiences.

Our extensive data source (certain of which are proprietary) will bridge the audience to content gap and drive both discovery and engagement. To that end, we have contracted with major content organizations on the Entertainment, Hospitality and Consumer Product categories.

Additionally, we have designed and built a proprietary search platform to enable content providers and consumers with an accessible tool to promote and/or discover new and relevant content.



The ultimate Content Delivery and Marketing Network for Live and On-Demand Streaming.

Yes, we're a VDN (video delivery network) provider that is focused on speed, efficiency, and reliability. We know that experience is everything. We provide streaming technology capable of delivering experiences unfiltered, and 'undiminished' by delay.



Consumers are surrounded by content. Social Media is the future of content sharing - that's why our Global Video Network is enabled by our proprietary, Social Media Action platform.

We do real-time consumer analysis that defines the 'who', as it relates to content interest and consumption. Of course, we have traditional video user stats that compliment our deep understanding of consumer behavior patterns.

ADVECTION: the infinite technology loop in content marketing and distribution.

We have delivered billions of streams for top Global Brands

Younow - our Client
Ecko-unltd - our Client
Microsoft - our Client
Gymboree - our Client
Angara - our Client
Amazon - our Client
Hewlett Packard - our Client
Akamai - our Client
USC - our Client
New York Times - our Client
UEFA - our Client
NHL - our Client
OLN - our Client
Motorola - our Client
Dell - our Client
Nba - our Client
NBC - our Client
Fox KDF - our Client
Viacom - our Client
Tri Media - our Client
Vera-Wang - our Client
Tribal - our Client
Adobe - our Client
Orbitz - our Client
Nickelodeon - our Client
Danone - our Client
Canon - our Client

Discover the Advection Differential

We don't only help you identify the where and when of media distribution, but the 'who'.
Our inclusive media services offering enables multiple points of optimization to streamline content delivery, and maximize consumer outreach.
Other CDN providers believe content delivery ends with the viewer. We don't. We believe it loops back to you, the decision maker. Informing, guiding, and optimizing all aspects of your business. From seamless delivery to content discovery, to contextual, real-time consumer analytics.


What Our Customers Are Saying

“The Advection development team is talented and nimble at any of the latest Interactive Media or Video technologies. I interfaced with them over 9 years while at Nine Systems and they helped develop applications and interfaces in Flash, Flex, Ajax and other languages in extremely tight deadlines. For Enterprise and M&E. They developed tools and games for remixing Video via a Web app for a major sports league, full Digital asset management systems for PPV publishers and more.”

Raul Deju Lead Product Marketing Manager at AT&T

“Advection has handled web application and video hosting for over 8 years on projects that I have been involved on - one of them for one of the world's most recognized online destinations. They don't just deliver a stream to the end user they - more importantly - helped protect the content. We used their delivery, geo-blocking, and deep-link-prevention, as well as the whole suite of add-ons: pay-per-view, pay-per-minute, and subscriptions.”

Del Anthony CEO / President at Escom, LLC

“We have been working with Advection since 2009, and it has been a mutually - successful and profitable relationship. Our teams have worked extremely well with each other. The Advection team has been truly professional in its approach to doing business. We look forward to working with Mike, Vlad and Kate for many years to come.”

Albert Iannantuono President/CEO & Founder at Tri-Media Integrated Marketing Technolgies Inc.

“I had received some quotations for an interactive product with social networking capabilities. I met Mike Alatortsev through a mutual friend, and asked him to take a look at our project. The Advection group made a proposal substantially below the cost of the competitive bid with numerous upgrades in features and content not included in the original proposal. I would recommend this company. Wilmer Otto”

Wilmer Otto Founder Managing Partner at Equipment Direct West

“I worked with Advection for many years while working for the musician Prince. Their team provided the backbone to Prince's Webby Award-winning NPG Music Club, which was one of the first artist-owned online businesses. Advection allowed us to successfully provide concert ticket presales to all the members of our fan club securely and smoothly, as well as make Prince's independent music catalog available through a digital music store. Advection went above and beyond at every step of the project.”

Sam Jennings UX Designer II at Microsoft

“The Advection team is solid, fast, and very savvy. Highly recommended.”

Alder Yarrow Chief Experience Officer at Cibo

“ has relied on Advection for many years to successfully develop and host an ecommerce site of over 40,000 products.”

John Engel Partner and Realtor at Barbara Cleary's Realty Guild

“Marc Ecko Enterprises has been hosting sites with Advection for years and we're satisfied with the service. Their email support is prompt and Michael Alatortsev is very helpful when we have to set up new web sites. He took calls with our web developers to establish our hosting needs and advised on important technical decisions. The quality of service has been consistent and they have helped us when we most needed it.”

Geno Betancourt Senior Graphic Designer at Crumbs Bake Shop

“Unified Web has worked with Advection for over 8 years and highly recommend their products and services. Many of our clients over the years have utilized their streaming services in conjunction with our managed services offering to bring a total solution that was both efficient and cost effective. Advection's attention to detail and highest levels of customer service make them the top player in the streaming and DRM industry by far.”

Kevin Schwing CEO at Unified Web

“We have been using the services provided by Advection for a year. It has been a pleasure working with this company. Customer service was easily reachable and always able to help solve any of our questions. We would definitely recommend Advection to anyone who is looking for a good and reliable CDN company.”

Mikhail Lisus VP Business development at Matvil Corp

“Advection is one of the premier web and video and media hosting solutions. They hosted most of the marc ecko sites including the that had over 63 million hits in a short amount of time. Their products are amazing and well priced. Customer service is the best I have encountered in the industry. There was never a problem they did not or could not solve.”

Peter Ruprecht Executive Creative Director at Scout (formerly North American Media Group)

“Advection is by far, the BEST CDN available in the market today. Affordable and dependable, managed by experts who will go the extra mile to ensure your transmissions are successful. They are an instrumental partner in the success of my company. I would personally rate their services above and beyond ANYTHING big players like Akamai or Limelight had ever done for us. The affordability of Advection has allowed my customer to promote and produce more and larger events without worrying about cost.”

Hugo Simoes Multimedia Developer at Wirestream Media

“Advection services are the best! We are doing the best streaming live transmissions in Brazil using Advection! Thank you guys!”

Sérgio C. Owner at VOCS Multimídia


Live Support

Our Network Admins and Engineers are available 24/7, 365 days a year to respond to any and all issues. We're all about live connections, with on-the-fly technical assistance that is available in 'your' designated chat room.