Managed Web Hosting Plans

Affordable financial grade performance and reliability are hallmarks of our web hosting services, specially tailored for content owners and media companies with unpredictable traffic volumes or paid-media stores.

In addition to including our high-volume hosting expertise, each of the following web hosting plans come with licensing for our deep link prevention ("DLP") and digital rights management ("DRM") server-side plug-ins, to easily integrate DLP and DRM between the web server and the video delivery network.

A Windows Platform hosting plan is required for our media store platform, offering the ability to sell and manage music or video with affiliate tracking and revenue sharing, or you can get the store as an add-on to a media plan.

Managed Web Hosting Plans

"Open" Business

Advection.NET Web Hosting Open Business Plan: $395 per month.

$395 per month

Our UNIX Platform web hosting is designed for sites built using Open Source Software ("OSS") languages such as PHP or Ruby, and open source databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. Our hosting is similar to what is commonly called a "LAMP" stack (for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), although for stability and reliability we recommend FreeBSD instead of Linux. (But we happily manage both.)

All our hosting plans include services provided by several other machines or web clusters, such as SMTP servers, DNS servers, reporting and monitoring servers, and all the necessary hardware for gigabit Ethernet and load balancing.

The "Open" Business hosting plans run both the web site code and the database on the same server. This may be used for web sites that were developed and tested only on a single server environment.

"Open" Business Plus

Advection.NET Web Hosting Open Business Plus Plan: $795 per month

$795 per month

"Open" Business Plus upgrades from a single server to "passive failover" hosting which splits the functionality into two servers and then mirrors them. This gives you some of the redundancy benefits of a server farm without having to rewrite your application to run on multiple servers.

In passive failover hosting, the site runs on Server A, with periodic backups of the web site and database to Server B. If Server A fails, an engineer turns it off, and turns on Server B. The switchover to the backup site is manual, but our NOC staff is monitoring your site 24/7 so the switch will happen quickly.

"Open" Pro

Advection.NET Web Hosting Open Pro Plan: $1,595 per month

$1,595 per month

"Open" Pro hosting introduces "active failover" with separate web and DB servers. The web site and web programming resides on a "web application server" while the database runs on a DB server. These servers each have a twin. Normally, both web servers are active and one DB is active. If one web server fails, the twin is still running. If the active DB server fails, the web servers can switch to the other DB server which has data from just before the most recent replication. Replication can be done while the site is running with only a moderate impact on performance, every few hours or more frequently. Because the web apps and DB queries are split, each server type can be optimized or scaled separately. For example, a DB server may use RAID10, while a web server uses RAID0 for speed. Each box allocates RAM for its own job: the DB allocates all RAM to handle data query caching, while the web server keeps the most popular apps and web pages in memory.

A web application may have to be written to take advantage of the performance benefits of having a separate web and database server. Our developers can assist you with this task.

"Open" Pro Plus

Advection.NET Web Hosting Open Pro Plus Plan: $2,995 per month

$2,995 per month

"Open" Pro Plus includes single datacenter web clusters with enterprise database server configurations. This is our most robust standard hosting plan available for UNIX/Apache/MySQL applications.

When you manage content, your changes are replicated to the other web servers. All the web servers work together to handle huge traffic loads. Behind the scenes, your database servers mirror data between themselves so all data is up-to-date all the time on both DB servers.

We start corporate plus plans with 4 web servers and 2 database servers, and can scale up readily to meet your growth requirements.

Managed Web Hosting Plans for Windows

Small Business

Advection.NET Web Hosting Small Business Plan: $995 per month

$995 per month

Our Small Business plan offers access to one of our high performance web farms. These are single datacenter web clusters with enterprise database server configurations. We operate customer web clusters with redundant DB servers in several of our datacenters, including New York, San Jose, Dallas, and Phoenix. These are all multi-CPU web and DB servers running the latest Windows Server operating system, and latest Microsoft SQL Enterprise software. One of these is necessary for a media store site.


Advection.NET Web Hosting Business Plan: $3,995 per month

$3,995 per month

Our Business plan setup is a single datacenter web cluster with real-time data replication across enterprise database servers, dedicated to only your site. These are all multi-CPU web and DB servers running the latest Windows Server operating system, and latest Microsoft SQL Enterprise software.

This is where our expertise really kicks in. We’ve built rock solid dynamic site engines for GE Capital, Pitney Bowes, World Wrestling Entertainment, Sony, HBO, and more. Our Network Operations Center ("NOC") engineers will configure quality of service monitoring for the crucial portions of your site to help ensure it is running 24/7, and familiarize themselves with the application's internals so they can quickly intervene if something goes wrong.


Advection.NET Web Hosting Enterprise Plan: $8,895 per month

$8,895 per month

Finally, the Enterprise plan provides real time bi-coastal redundancy, actively managing users to connect to the nearest web cluster while keeping all data in sync in real time.

This is the highest level of hosting available at any price, generally costing six figures per month.

How can we offer this level of reliability so inexpensively? We subsidize it. We already operate these clusters for our media applications, we already manage private encrypted data tunnels among the various data centers, and we already have both the equipment and the expertise to keep this running.



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