Flash Streaming Media Player

Flash Streaming Media Player

The Advection.NET Flash Player was developed as a standard application using Adobe Flash technology incorporated with other best practices in this field, and at the same time we made it easy to be integrated with our own network to operate smoothly with the existing technologies and with the ones yet to be implemented.

Our Player – Your Rules

Your files and playlists with links to the files are stored on our VDN and are delivered from multiple US and European datacenters to ensure your website is functioning steadily without heavy traffic overloads.

It’s up to you to define the visual component of the player. With the help of our Service Manager you can choose various types of playlists and player skins, view user reports about your content, add or delete any files online anytime at your convenience.

We Are Easy to Work With

With about 300 developers and engineers on tap to assist with any development project or integration, we’ll be happy to implement a custom player solution to better communicate the concept of your content and website to your end user.

Contact sales and ask us how you can get your own customized Advection.NET Flash Player today.


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