Who We Are

Advection.NET is the streaming network subsidiary of Auragan, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company formed in 2001, with a head office and R&D facility in New Canaan, CT, data centers in several metropolitan locations both in North America and Europe, and development offices in Ukraine and Siberia.

Auragan’s founders and employees come from the leading e-commerce acceleration, streaming, portal, and entertainment companies on the Internet over the past ten years. Each member has extraordinary experience across the e-business spectrum, from developing financial applications or Internet appliances, to strategic consulting for Fortune 500 industries, to producing hundreds of live backstage webcasts for World Wrestling Entertainment from stadiums all over the USA.

Advection Fog on Lake Baikal

An advection layer rolls fog over Laike Baikal in Sibera like layers of content roll media through our network

Before founding Auragan, we built one of the highest quality and highest performance streaming networks around. As early as 1998, we were delivering millions of commerce-enabled streams from data centers around the globe. That network cost millions to develop, a staff of dozens, and millions a year to maintain. Based on that experience, we went back to the drawing board, applied the principles we’d learned, and came up with a new approach to large file delivery that would allow customers to serve even higher volumes much more efficiently.

To embed these principles in an appliance customers can use in their own networks, Auragan spent 20 man years of development on our Locus acceleration appliance line. For the Locus 3s, we adapted our core acceleration engine to large file delivery. This appliance accelerates delivery of Windows Media, Real, and QuickTime streams, as well as HTTP or FTP file downloads and XML-driven peer-to-peer workgroup file management.

Once the Locus 3s was finished, we believed the best proof of how well it worked would be to build our own “proof of concept” streaming network that took advantage of it. Using this appliance, we were able to standardize on a very small footprint (one quarter to one half rack) per remote data center, while still allowing us to push two gigabits of on-demand streams from each.

Also using principles learned building networks for clients such as WWE, delivering billions of hits and hundreds of millions of ads a month, we built an automated Network Operations Center to manage the distribution of staged content from our centralized storage locations to the various remote data centers around the world, monitor all the other networks, and collect status information for comprehensive reporting.

Today, the Locus 3s technologies help Advection.NET, Auragan’s streaming network subsidiary, handle billions of streams at an extremely low overhead, while offering high-end quality-enhancing capabilities such as centralized file management and real-time load distribution among multiple international data centers.


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