Create User Accounts in CloudSat


With CloudSat your video producers can collaborate tp manage video on the Advection.NET VDN. Adding more users to your CloudSat account is easy.

In each account or sub-account, the users will have access to the video files beneath that account. A top level user has access to that account and all sub-accounts, a sub-account user has access to all files at that level and beneath them, and so on.

By setting a user as administrator, you grant them the rights to create, delete, and edit their info in most of the sections of CloudSat, and make their own sub-accounts beneath them. Or set them as a regular user so they can only manage video from their level down.

After you register them at Advection.NET, your users are emailed a Usage Guide and other info to help them get started, including examples of the URLs their own video will be streamed or downloaded from.

As the top level account holder, you’ll even be able to see the media storage and video delivery usage from your sub-accounts, split out by account!

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