User Feedback via Embedded Players


Using Advection.NET’s custom Flash player, you can keep track of video popularity or problems with videos as reported by users.

The Flash custom player allows your users to give a star rating (from one to five stars) to a video, or flag a video if they think it’s inappropriate or contains copyrighted material.

You don’t have to build a database or web API to keep track of the ratings or feedback. The AMP video APIs are already built into the player, and will automatically send your viewers’ rating and feedback into your CloudSat account.

In CloudSat, you can then see your users’ feedback report. Based on the feedback, you can decide whether to remove a particular video from all playlists with a single click, or remove the feedback itself and keep the video.

This video showed how you get feedback from individual users through the custom player without having to do any programming.

Watch the next video to see how you can get detailed video analytics for all your video delivery and video storage.

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