Advection Media Platform Video Cloud APIs

Advection.NET’s video delivery network cloud supports your existing infrastructure to immediately and dramatically increase the performance of your current network, with no additional servers or changes to existing content.

Advection Media Platform

AMP gives you tremendous scalability based on the best practices of sites like Flickr, YouTube, LiveJournal, or, backed by our 24/7 network operations center.

Advection Media Platform

You’ll get a more cost-effective time to market with these social media building blocks for user and media management; community interaction like ratings, comments, or blogs; security including parental controls or rights protections; advertising; and great searching and tagging.

It’s all easily accessible through SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON, or REST APIs.

Advection Media Platform

These are the same APIs we ourselves use to power our own VOD and live streaming services and control panels.

The Advection.NET network operates clusters of web, database, and storage servers in redundant data-centers around the world, guaranteeing the highest availability and performance for your rich media distribution and delivery.

Please see our video services for details about the network, look at our streaming video ecosystem pages to look under the hood, or watch the CloudSat video hosting control panel videos to see one application built on these APIs.

Focus on your brand and business model, and let us take care of the heavy lifting.

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