Where We Are

Your video-on-demand or live streaming delivery is a non-stop business, so you can reach Advection.NET engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our sales office hours are 8 AM to 4 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Support staff are on duty 24/7.

Company Blog

Customers should subscribe to our online video hosting blog. We post video delivery network maintenance notices, news about our new video hosting products and services, and summaries of weekly news in the streaming media industry.

You may also subscribe to the blog to be automatically emailed updates, including service announcements and the weekly streaming news links.

Email Addresses

The ideal way to reach us is by email. To foil spammers, Javascript must be enabled in your web browser for our addresses to appear:

  • Sales:

Support ticket emails are addressed immediately, 24/7, and are your best point of contact for any network issue after you've checked our blog for service updates.

Sales tickets are answered promptly during “America/New York” business hours, and billing tickets typically within a business day.

Instant Messaging

If we're not on the phone or in a meeting, you may be able to chat with us in real time using Google Talk's web based chat widget. If there's a green dot showing we're available, feel free to ask your question here:

If you prefer Skype, it's no problem. Arrange a call with our sales team using the sales email address above.

Telephone Numbers

You may also reach us by telephone, toll free at -AURA () from 8 AM to 4 PM “America/Los Angeles” time.

  • : USA Main Office, Toll Free
  • : USA Main Office, International
  • : Fax, Toll Free
  • : Fax, International

Mailing Address

To reach us using US Mail postal service, such as for invoices or contracts, mail to:

  • Auragan, LLC d/b/a Advection.NET

    PO Box 1501
    New Canaan, CT

For FedEx, UPS, DHL, or other courier deliveries to any of our locations, please notify the sales ticket address provided above before you ship.

Shipping addresses for our datacenters are below. Your sales person or support engineer will confirm the latest addresses and procedures for you.

USA Datacenter Shipping Addresses

All shipments must be pre-arranged with a technical support engineer, and all shipments must be properly marked with a shipping reference number. Otherwise, your shipment will be rejected.

If you are making a service call to one of our datacenters, we've marked each location on a satellite map for you to help you find it visually. For a facility access pass, please contact the network engineer who requested your visit.

Listed by zipcode order, or from east to west. Please make sure to verify with us which of the addresses we want you to use for our

International Datacenter Shipping Addresses

Any shipments to our international locations must be cleared through customs and will most likely require customs tax to be paid. We recommend verifying the equipment with your salesperson then shipping via FedEx International.

When you are shipping or dropping off equipment for any of our datacenters, please make sure that we know your shipment is being sent. Thanks to unique security policies at each datacenter, we must provide them with your inbound FedEx or UPS tracking number and provide precise handling instructions before your package arrives. Otherwise, your shipment will be rejected.

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