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Instead of trying to be all things to all customers, we partner with the best technology and software providers in the streaming media and broadcast media industries. We focus on our core competencies while integrating market-leading solutions from our partners.

Certified Partners

Windows Media 9 Series Premier Certified Hosting Providers offer full implementations of Windows Media Services and global scale content delivery. Advection.NET is one of only five to pass rigorous third-party testing above and beyond the requirements for .

Microsoft® Silverlight™ is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web. Advection.NET is a global video delivery network specializing in Windows Media and Silverlight with the broadest features for live and on-demand revenue models built into the service, including v-commerce, digital rights management (DRM), membership, pay-per-minute, and geo-targeting. Advection.NET's delivery network offers rich high-performance API frameworks for social communities, digital media stores, and user-generated content sites, with 300+ developers available to accelerate clients' online video initiatives.

Wowza Streaming Partner

Wowza Streaming Partner

Wowza Streaming Partners are an elite group of service providers using Wowza Media Server® Pro to deliver the highest quality Flash streaming experience to its customers. Voted the #1 choice for media streaming, the industrial-strength Wowza Media Server Pro has revolutionized Flash streaming with its unmatched performance and innovative capabilities that make live, on-demand and interactive Flash streaming feasible for a broad range service provider, entertainment, social media, advertising, enterprise, education, government, and Internet commerce customers.

Windows Media Audio and Video and Windows Media DRM power more online digital music and video services worldwide than any other technology, with more than 150 services delivering popular music, movies and television programming. We are Microsoft certified partners for development, Windows Media, Silverlight, digital rights management, and video delivery.

Other Partners
Nine Systems

DHD Media : The Leaders’ Choice

DHD Media delivers credit card billing, processing, membership management, end-user support, and managed hosting solutions stand-alone or as an interoperable suite for the largest content studios online.

Incited Media

Incited Media : It's On!

Incited Media is a first-of-its-kind company that combines cutting-edge technical expertise in streaming media with full-scale production services. We are experts in digital encoding, and are known for our ability to provide on-site encoding under difficult conditions — where speed is of the essence and reliability is essential. With more than twenty years of combined experience in computer engineering, television production and streaming media, Incited Media provides a unique skill set not found in other production and/or streaming media companies.


Widevine : Comprehensive Content Security

Widevine is a provider of multiplatform DCAS, DRM and video optimization solutions for content owners, telco, cable, satellite, and Internet content services operators. The company's software platform optimizes the entertainment experience for live and on-demand content and secures it for delivery over any network to any device. Today, millions of consumers enjoy digital entertainment secured and optimized by Widevine on set-top boxes and retail consumer electronics devices including televisions, Blu-ray players, mobile devices, gaming systems and more. With over 60 patents Widevine is an industry leader and innovator of content protection and video optimization technologies.

Nine Systems

Nine Systems : We make media work

Nine Systems created Stream OS, a suite of configurable rich media management tools that enable easy publishing of rich media to the Web, detailed usage reports, ad insertion, rights management, and e-commerce. Advection.NET provides advanced paid media services, such as pay-per-minute, to customers of the Stream OS platform, and assists with custom development for media integration with Stream OS, such as UGC apps.

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