Online Video Delivery Analytics


CloudSat makes it easy to see statistics on how much video you are storing and delivering, spot trends, and keep track of status updates for the network and the media plan services.

From the home page, you can drill down into web hosting stats, or usage reports on streaming media, progressive downloads, image caching, and DRM.

CloudSat breaks down your media usage into commodity or premium delivery (for example, HTTP downloads versus pay-per-minute streams), giving you both overview analytics for trending, and details down to the individual URL.

You can see video delivery by period, or storage delivery by period, with complete flexibility to report on any arbitrary period and type of video served.

For even further study, you can grab raw logs. Instead of giving you thousands of raw logs from every individual server, we roll up all media delivery across the VDN into one log file per hour, easy for you to import into the analytics software of your choice.

The next video will show you how to create sub-accounts for clients or departments, so they can manage their own users and videos.

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