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Advection.NET is the video delivery network subsidiary of Auragan, LLC, a technology development company focused on scalable web services and streaming video network management tools.

Advection.NET launched in 2002 as a real-world use case for Auragan’s Locus™ streaming optimization appliances and software. Our goal was to show that our appliances and software would help a company or CDN operate its own streaming media network with disruptively low capital and personnel investments. The results were so successful that we switched our focus from selling appliances to organically growing our video delivery network. Solely leveraging the efficiencies gained through the appliances, we supported our employees and growth without outside investment.

Auragan’s founders and employees are recognized experts at handling extreme web site traffic and high concurrency live and VOD streaming, as well as commerce-enabled streaming. We have been working to improve the performance, usability, and profitability of digital media since 1993. When you hire Auragan for crucial online business goals, you’re getting a proven swat team that will quickly identify and remove the bottlenecks or roadblocks between you and profitability.

While we’d like to see you enjoy the benefits of Advection.NET’s powerful turn-key international streaming network, we understand that may not be the ideal approach for every business model.

From publishing corporate data using “gopher” in 1993, to digital rights management web services integrated with Microsoft’s .NET or open-source platforms like Apache/PHP today, we have the experience to help you define and build flexible customized streaming solutions that are secure, efficient, and effective.

Do you need to train employees at branch offices without spending a fortune FedEx-ing VHS tapes and maintaining VCRs and televisions? Would you like to create a private network for members of your professional association? Do you want to do something with streaming that nobody’s ever done before?

Over the last fifteen years of online experience, and nine years focused on streaming media, we’ve demonstrated consistent success helping clients accomplish their business objectives through simple, elegant, and timely solutions. If you want to rev up your video delivery, let’s talk!

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