Credit Card Processing and Billing

To bring you the most effective payment processing and membership management, we’ve partnered with DHD Media, an Internet billing and end-user support powerhouse that offers a complete lineup of billing and processing services:

Since the mid-90’s DHD Media has been refining the components of a real-time credit card processing system recognized by the banking community as the leader for reliability and cardholder satisfaction. Together we deliver fast, robust, secure processing of credit card and online check (ACH) and transactions. We help you bill customers in North America, Europe, and even Asia.

Speed is critical in an impulse buying marketplace. We have gone to the additional expense of installing redundant private data connections to the First Data facility in Omaha, Nebraska. This allows for a very fast authorization that provides customer access in less than 3 seconds at any time of day or night.

Our chargeback ratio for Visa/MC has consistently been in the 0.5% area, numbers that speak for themselves. This places us, and our clients, well below the 1% limitation that has been instituted by banks.

Our customer service representatives are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you and your customers. In addition to providing billing and web site support by email and telephone, our customer service representatives are specially trained to identify risky transactions to protect your merchant account from chargebacks.

Real-time reporting gives you the ability to look at your business with greater clarity and to operate more efficiently. Our reporting systems have been designed by our marketing, financial and technical departments to provide the up-to-the-minute data that is necessary in the ever-changing world of online commerce and marketing.

We handle everything from webmaster signup to reporting stats and handling payouts. Our marketing tools enable your site to get the traffic necessary to reach its full potential. From email marketing to turnkey affiliates programs, we have what you need! You can even improve your company’s cash flow by selling products online using our highly configurable online store module.

Get Started Overnight

Whether you are selling products, services or content, DHD Media offers you a turnkey solution for your specific needs. Our DigiBill™ real-time Credit Card Billing, Processing and Fraud protection systems are widely recognized by the banking community as the most secure, efficient and effective in use on the Internet today.

If you don’t have a merchant account, DHD Media has established relationships with major U.S. banks, and can help you get your online business up and running in as little as 24 hours.

If you do have a merchant account, DigiBill™ helps merchants handle their own customer service. DigiBill™ provides transaction processing, fraud control, business reporting tools, subscription capability, shopping cart functionality, and affiliate management. You can start immediately.

DigiBill™ Internet Billing Management

DigiBill delivers fast, secure and robust billing and processing of credit card, ACH (online check) and 2000 Charge transactions. If you are looking to boost your sales with faster transaction processing speeds, while staying ahead of the most stringent security standards, with DigiBill™ you will benefit from:

  • Real-time Transaction Processing: with 2-3 second authorizations and transaction times
  • Recurring Billing: with worry-free renewal processing
  • Password Maintenance: only your paying members will have access
  • Secure Order Capture: via SSL to keep your customer data safe at every point in the transaction

Fraud/Chargeback Protection

DHD Media’s chargeback ratio for Visa/MC has consistently been in the 0.5% area. This places us, and our clients, well below the 1% limitation that has been instituted by banks. We give you the resources you need to ensure that your money stays in your pocket, thanks to:

  • Specially Trained Anti-Fraud Customer Service Representatives: to help you keep your chargebacks down
  • Very Low Chargeback Ratio: 0.5% acknowledged as the lowest in the industry
  • Advanced Anti-Fraud Toolsuite: automated security protects you from chargebacks
  • Established Relationships With Major US Banks: we can help you get an account

DigiGear™ Financial Reporting & Marketing Tools

DHD Media’s real-time reporting application, DigiGear™ gives you the ability to look at your business with comprehensive clarity in order to operate more efficiently and make the most accurate projections. It captures data in ways that help you better discern how and where to refine your efforts, and is continuously updated to deliver up-to-the-minute data for your evolving requirements. With it, you will have access to:

  • Real Time Reports: accurate feedback whenever you need it
  • Projection Reports: steer your business with clear vision
  • Renewal Performance: track your renewal transactions to maximize profits
  • Available Online 24/7/365: view your reports from anywhere

Online Store Modules

Use DHD Media’s Online Store Module to jump-start your cash flow. Sell products online using our turnkey solution, and you benefit instantly from a bundled solution that we have been perfecting since the mid 1990’s. Overnight, you can be up and running with:

  • Real Time Transaction Processing: enjoy 2-3 second transaction times
  • Secure Order Capture: leverage SSL technology to protect both you and your customers’ data
  • Tax and Shipment Calculation: customize tax and shipping options in real time
  • Online Order Tracking: notify customers when products are shipped
  • Online Sales Reports: gain real-time insight into your merchandise sales

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