Video Distribution R&D

Advection.NET d/b/a Auragan, LLC has invested over 325,000 man hours in research and development on streaming video, video distribution, and paid media technologies. This chart shows one way of looking at the interlocking blocks of our vertically integrated video distribution ecosystem built over the past decade.

There are companies offering various pieces of this puzzle, but Advection.NET is the only CDN to integrate every piece from the player on the viewer's computer through the distribution servers to the management console on the back end. This is why we call ourselves a "video distribution network" or "VDN" instead of a CDN.

What does a VDN get you that a CDN doesn't? A true picture of who's playing what, while they're playing it, for one. The big CDNs don't have video intelligence built into their servers. They can count hits, or use client-side scripting to report usage from the player after the fact, but a VDN reports this data from the server, while it manages the user's stream in real time.

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