Scalable Web App Development

Advection.NET’s developers are highly experienced in custom v-commerce, streaming, social media, and digital rights management software development for our clients. Whether you need to integrate media delivery with a web site built in PHP, ASP.NET, or Java, and whether you host on proprietary platforms such as Solaris and Windows or on open source platforms such as Linux or FreeBSD, we can help at remarkably low costs.

We even offer pre-built media stores for various Windows Media playback devices, and streaming or digital rights management plug-ins for the leading server-side languages.

Our most common development request is to help customers update their web site to integrate streaming media, downloads, or user generated content ("UGC") features into the existing site. Frequently, we already have the tools built that are necessary to interoperate with your platform.


Web Development Portfolio

  • Social Media – AMP Categories
  • Social Media – AMP Community
  • Social Media – AMP Home Page
  • Social Media – AMP Video Page
  • e-Commerce – Angara
  • Consumer and Entertainment – Blurb
  • Consumer and Entertainment – Bud Light
  • e-Commerce – Crazy 8 Homepage
  • e-Commerce – Crazy 8 Product List
  • Consumer and Entertainment – Dannon
  • Consumer and Entertainment – E-Online
  • Social Media – EckoTV
  • Social Media – EckoTV
  • Social Media – EckoTV
  • Corporate – Financial Engines
  • Consumer and Entertainment – Marc Ecko
  • Consumer and Entertainment – Marc Ecko
  • Corporate – Marc Ecko Enterprises
  • Corporate – Montavista
  • Media Stores – Music Store
  • Media Stores – Musicology
  • Consumer and Entertainment – NBA
  • e-Commerce – Northern Safety Homepage
  • e-Commerce – Northern Safety New Products
  • e-Commerce – Homepage
  • e-Commerce – Search Results
  • Social Media – PolskaWizja
  • Corporate – Trium Group
  • Social Media – TyroTV
  • e-Commerce – Vera Wang Collections
  • e-Commerce – Vera Wang Shop
  • Corporate – Verisign
  • e-Commerce – VinCellar iPhone App
  • e-Commerce – Vinfolio Wine Marketplace
  • e-Commerce – Vinfolio Wine Pricing Statistics
  • Corporate – Vinography Blog
  • Media Stores – VOD Store Checkout
  • Media Stores – VOD Store Collection
  • Media Stores – VOD Store Homepage
  • Media Stores – VOD Store Product Page
  • Media Stores – VOD Store Shopping Cart
  • Consumer and Entertainment – XS MegaPlayer

"V-commerce" Expertise

Advection.NET is the streaming services subsidiary of Auragan, LLC, an Internet acceleration research and development company. Auragan, LLC owns and operates development offices in the Ukraine and Russia, which develop our own products and manage complex development projects on behalf of Advection.NET streaming media customers.

Our programmers are particularly skilled in media related apps, both server-side and for modern web browsers. We have programmers fluent in ASP.NET (both C# and VB.NET), Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, ActionScript, Silverlight, Perl, and C++ for Windows or UNIX, as well as MS SQL, MySQL, and Oracle. We love to collaborate with your designers, and offer expert "slicing" to quickly build XHTML, AJAX, or Flash sites from your designs.

Customers manage one-off or maintenance development work through our sophisticated project tracking system, accessible by email. Larger projects, such as those measured in weeks or months, may be described in a detailed Request for Proposal ("RFP") to allow an Auragan programming manager to accurately estimate the scope and time requirements in a Statement of Work. Alternatively, the project may be outlined to a business analysts and project lead, and our engineers will develop an RFP for you.

Development jobs are never cookie cutter, and successful projects require collaboration between customers and developers. If you are interested in taking advantage of our services, first review our development pricing, then talk over your requirements with one of our executives to find out if we're the right fit for your needs.

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