Content and Video Services

Content Production

Our transcoding cloud will quickly ingest and encode your content for any target platform (web, mobile, OTT, gaming consoles, media players), delivery method (live, on-demand, download, pay-per-view, pay-per-minute), or user device (iPhone, Android, Roku, Xbox, Playstation, set-top-box).

  • Content production, multimedia content production

Content Storage

Advection provides several cloud storage options for all your content, each providing a different combination of cost, reliability, global availability, and read/write performance. We will help you choose what's right for you.

Content Delivery

Advection operates a global video CDN (VDN), optimized for low-latency streaming. We will deliver your content flawlessly at scale. See our Network page for more details.

  • Content delivery networks

Content Discovery & Sharing

Advection provides a rich set of options for linking to your content. Each type of link (URL) lets you easily control how viewers can access this particular piece of content, by opening or restricting access based on user's country, ISP, device, 3rd-party membership status, and much more. You can even provide various access methods to the same content.

  • Content discovery Platform
  • Video sharing sites

Content Analytics

Advection Customer Portal will show you detailed statistics for all video sessions. You will see who is watching your streams, where, and how. It also provides detailed traffic information for your Advection account, including traffic projections - both in terms of views and data transfer.

  • Video analytics software
  • Content analytics companies
  • Video analytics companies
  • Intelligent video analytics

Consumer Analytics

You will gain real-time visibility into how viewers discover your content, who shares and promotes your streams, who curates your content and why, and what people like or dislike about it. We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to "understand" speech and visual content.

  • Consumer data analytics
  • Consumer behavior analytics
  • Consumer analytics companies

Streaming Industry Intelligence

Our data discovery platform monitors the health of the Internet so you can always be aware of any global networking issues that may affect your viewers. We detect peering issues, network latency, routing problems, network congestion - and proactively take measures.

You will also know if any major cloud providers are experiencing technical difficulties, and you will have visibility into the performance of each major video platform, such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO GO, Hulu, etc.

  • Intelligence streaming
  • Central intelligence streaming
  • Streaming industry intelligence

Video Cloud Migration

Reduce your infrastructure and delivery expense by moving your content to Advection. Our team will help you plan and execute the migration without downtime or performance problems. Once the migration is complete, your technology operating costs will drop dramatically, and you will have access to features and expertise that are not available anywhere else!

Multi-CDN Environment

So, you prefer a multi-cdn environment? We get it…and more importantly our Network gets it. We have specific expertise and a significant history of managing in concert with our network, some of the largest CDN’s. On the fly we provide load-balancing techniques to optimize a global delivery pattern. Additionally, we generate real-time graphic analysis for full transparency to your most current configuration and corresponding performance.

  • Multi-CDN Environment