Suite of Global Streaming Services

Advection.NET is a high volume, high efficiency streaming video hosting network, unique in providing rapid customization for each of our clients’ needs. For the past decade, our engineers have been optimizing streaming media distribution and delivery to give end-users a higher quality experience and our clients a global reach.

Our primary services are listed below. We also bring you the Internet’s easiest media management, bulletproof Internet billing and processing, and “plays for sure” digital rights management.

For more detailed information on these services, you may download our documentation as PDF files.

Video Distribution Services

Online Video Experts

For much less than the cost of a single employee, you can benefit from our experience delivering billions of streams to delighted viewers over the past five years. In fact, Advection.NET is one of only five to pass rigorous third-party testing above and beyond the requirements for .

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Multi-Gigabit Global Content Delivery Network

Advection.NET operates streaming distribution server farms at core international network access points so your content is available at the same Internet hubs used by the viewer’s ISP. This means less buffering or wait time for your users.

At each location, we subscribe to Tier 1 bandwidth connected directly to multi-gigabit peering routers, instead of going through layers of second or third tier ISP’s and switches. Being directly on the Internet’s backbone bypasses the sources of congestion that can degrade streaming quality or make downloads take longer.

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Advection Media Platform "AMP" APIs

Our online video APIs let your apps integrate with the video streaming and DRM services cloud, using the same APIs that power our own VOD and live streaming services and control panels. Leverage our clusters of web, database, and storage servers in redundant datacenters around the world to guarantee the highest availability and performance for your rich media distribution and delivery.

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Turnkey Video Store Hosting

Watch this walkthrough of Advection.NET’s online video sales platform to see that it’s as powerful as it is easy to use.

The digital video store comes with our Media Plan, or as an add-on to our Corporate Plans. We’ll work with you to customize the VOD store’s look and feel to your needs and your type of video content. and can have your videos ready to sell as quickly as you can upload your video catalog.

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Secure Video Cloud Storage Off Site

When your company depends on streaming media assets for revenue, you need to protect those assets. If your company is public, you may even be required to store backups offsite. Because we’re able to put your media to work generating revenue through streaming and downloads, you can outsource your redundant media storage to Advection.NET for less than the cost of dedicated offsite storage companies.

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Bulk DV/DVD Encoding and UGC Transcoding

Whether you’re new to online content or have been in the business for a decade, you may have a library of video that hasn’t been prepared for the latest high definition broadband or portable media devices. To get you started quickly, our high performance encoding server farm is set up to transcode digital video directly for streaming, downloadable, or mobile media.

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Rapid, Flexible, Scalable Web Development

Advection.NET has a large team of developers highly experienced in custom streaming and digital rights management software development for our clients. Whether you need to integrate media delivery with a web site built in PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby-on-Rails, or Java, and whether you host on proprietary platforms such as Solaris and Windows or on open source platforms such as Linux or FreeBSD, we can help at remarkably low costs.

We even offer pre-built media stores for various Windows Media playback devices, and streaming or digital rights management plug-ins for the leading server-side languages.

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Complex or High Volume Hosting

Over the past decade, we have earned a reputation for handling extreme web hosting jobs requiring a dozen different types of servers across multiple datacenters, or supporting sites servicing the levels of traffic that can be generated by SuperBowl-sized events.

We can rapidly migrate all, or just portions, of your media-related e-commerce site onto our pre-deployed Windows or Unix server farms.

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